Breaking it down

Insta-celebrities and why we are so interested in them

An explanation as to why Instagram users are so interested in Insta-celebrity accounts such as Renee’s is because they provide an exclusive insight into the worlds and personalities of models, actors, bloggers and so on. “People’s Instagram images are kind of like a story of their everyday lives and they’re quite personal and intimate,” social media expert Nicholas Carah says. “I think there’s an element of voyeurism there; people feel quite attached to this story of someone’s life that Instagram offers.”

Taking a model like Renee Somerfield as an example, Carah explains that in previous forms of media, people would only see Renee as the advertisement in the magazine or on the catwalk. However, platforms such as Instagram have opened up what was once private, which appeals to Instagram users. But it also benefits the Insta-celebrity…

Instagram branding through Insta-celebrities

Brands have taken note of the attention that Insta-celebrities attract on Instagram. In order to further promote their brand image and products, brands align with these Insta-celebrities. For example, Renee Somerfield is paid by Beginning Boutique to feature their products in her photos, hence advertising directly to her 620,000+ followers. According to Carah, brands are using Insta-celebrities to promote their products due to Instagram’s lack of an advertising model, as opposed to Facebook’s integrated advertisements for example. Establishing a paid relationship with Insta-celerities allow brands to ‘rent’ a space where they can advertise their products. At the same time, it allows Insta-celebrities to “sell their attention for cash.”

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